About Smartglasses Roadmap – the 20's

The first report to describe smartglasses' road to ubiquity as they replace smart phones and smart watches by 2030.

About the report

Smartglasses Roadmap – the 20's takes a deep dive into the technology, vendors, applications and end users for this about to explode product category. Version 1.1 includes significant updates to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 65-page report provides market numbers, key technology discussions, major application areas, and guidance for manufacturers, investors, and end users. The report is available in English and Chinese.

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Forecast adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic

We originally wrote this report in February and March of 2020. At that time, it was not yet obvious that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic would be as great as it has become. Though we included a brief mention of the pandemic and the increased uncertainty it caused in the report at that time, we have since reevaluated our projections.

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Table of Contents

Smartglasses Roadmap – is 65 pages filled with facts and findings that everyone involved with this rapidly approaching technology will find essential to business planning. The report includes a Glossary, 7 tables, 6 charts, and 9 illustrations.

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We believe that packaging the functionality of Hololens into a form factor of a pair of Ray Bans is essential to widespread acceptance of AR in the consumer space. In fact, that is essentially our definition of smartglasses. In retail, architecture, medicine, gaming, education, maintenance, training, and many other fields, AR has already become a routine experience, with little pushback, and a multitude of applications in both the consumer and enterprise spaces. Acceptance of these applications will explode when the viewing devices become more user friendly. Those devices, we believe, will be smartglasses.

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Smartglasses Roadmap – the 20's is available as a PDF file, in either English or Chinese. It is delivered directly to your email box.

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我们认为,将Hololens的功能包装到一对Ray Bans的外形中,对于AR在消费者空间中的广泛接受至关重要。 实际上,这实质上是我们对智能眼镜的定义。 在零售,建筑,医药,游戏,教育,维护,培训和许多其他领域中,AR已经成为例行体验,几乎没有退缩,并且在消费者和企业空间中都有大量应用。 当查看设备变得更加用户友好时,对这些应用程序的接受程度将激增。 我们相信,这些设备将是智能眼镜。

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