Table of Contents

Executive Summary 


What are Smartglasses?

Some quick definitions

The Markets for Smartglasses

Forecast adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Smartglasses shipment forecast

Smartglasses revenue forecast

Smartglasses profit forecast

Two Ways to Look at the Smartglasses Marketplace 

Five Forces


The Technology of Smartglasses: Challenges and Opportunities



Key factors in the development of smartglasses

The Smartglasses Roadmap – 2020-2030 

Smartglasses Roadmap Milestones

Industries and Applications 

Augmented Enterprise

The Consumer Marketplace

Key Players in the Smartglasses Industry

Recommendations and Cautions

For Providers of Systems and Components

For End Users and Those Who Manage Them

For Investors

Appendix 1: Glossary

Appendix 2: Authors and Contributors

Executive panel of experts

Appendix 3: Methodology

Appendix 4: About ImmersivEdge Advisors


Table 1: Smartglasses shipment forecast: 2019-2030 

Table 2: Smartglasses revenue forecast: 2019-2030

Table 3: Smartglasses profit forecast: 2019-2030

Table 4: Smartglasses Roadmap: 2020-2030

Table 5: Smartglasses applications by industry and interest sectors

Table 6: Key players in the smartglasses industry.

Table 7: Investment opportunities



Chart 1: Smartglasses revenue by Sector

Chart 2: Smartglasses Shipments by Sector

Chart 3: Smartglasses revenue by Sector 

Chart 4: Smartglasses Avg. Unit Price by Sector

Chart 5: Smartglasses industry profits 

Chart 6: Smartglasses shipments by sector


Image  1: Lenovo showed this smartglasses design concept early in 2020.

Image  2: The Magic Leap system.

Image  3: Augmented reality overlays computer-generated data and images on the real world. 

Image  4: HUD display of weather information as shown on the Vuzix Blade. 

Image  5: Moore's Law

Image  6: This microLED HD display from Plessey Semiconductor has a diagonal measurement of about 6.35 mm. It’s still too big.

Image  7: Furniture retailers are making it easy to see new furniture in the shopper's space.

Image  8: AR assistants already guide travelers, who use their smart phones to obtain information. Soon, these systems will be a big part of the smartglasses ecosystem.

Image  9: Panasonic displayed this compact HMD concept at CES 2020. It's easy to imagine this as an early smartglasses prototype, with the addition of pass-through cameras on the front.