08 Jul

Newest Analysis from ImmersivEdge Advisors Helps Investors Make the Right Moves in the Dynamic AR and Smartglasses Industry

Focus on technologies, applications and companies that will make Smartglasses the next “must-have” technology, replacing smart phones and watches.

Smartglasses Roadmap – the 20’s, Investor Edition is the most recent analysis from ImmersivEdge Advisors. This in-depth examination of the about-to-explode Smartglasses industry helps investors to understand and evaluate the applications, technologies, and companies that will be leading this field.

Smartglasses Roadmap – the 20's, Investors EditionAmong the insights in this analysis:

*  Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more useful and common, creating demand for better viewing devices.
*  Smartglasses will provide Hololens 2 AR capabilities in sleek, stylish eyewear.
*  Better displays, long-lasting power supplies, and user-friendly software are key to success.
*  Expect 2023 to be the first million-unit year.
*  2030 sees smartglasses revenue (hardware only) at $30.1 billion.
*  The COVID-19 pandemic will cost the sector close to $4 billion over the next ten years.

AR viewing devices are currently bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable, or provide very limited functionality. Microsoft’s Hololens 2 is the current technology leader in a competitive industry, that this year has seen the struggles of over-hyped Magic Leap, the acquisition of North by Alphabet/Google, and the failure of Daqri. Nonetheless, demand is increasing every day as users find many benefits in AR in industrial applications, healthcare, training, logistics, emergency response, and many personal, consumer applications.

However, currently these applications are restricted by the lack of fully-featured, inconspicuous, wearable viewing devices. Smartglasses will fill that void in both enterprise and consumer markets. In fact, ImmersivEdge sees smartglasses starting to replace smart phones and watches by 2025.

This analysis was compiled by Ben Delaney, CEO, and Natalie Yue, ImmersivEdge’s Chief Data Analyst. Yue tells us, “This analysis not only gives a broad view of the industry, with introductions and basic information, it shows investors that it is an industry to track, with huge potential. It gives investors a 360° in-depth accounting of the industry. I think investors are going to find this report very useful.”

At 37 pages plus appendices, the report provides significant depth, including 7 tables, 6 charts and 8 illustrations. This publication is available now on the ImmersivEdge website immersivedge.com/purchase-reports. For more information, contact ImmersivEdge Advisors at info@ImmersivEdge.com or call +1 510 419-0800.

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