29 Oct

Having identified a vital services gap in the rapidly expanding xR business sector, several Bay Area Virtual and Augmented Reality experts have launched ImmersivEdge Advisors, a new consultancy to provide strategic services for businesses in immersive technology.

With a team history of results for clients on four continents, advising companies ranging from Apple to Xerox, ImmersivEdge has the ‘Tomorrow Now’ expertise needed by start-ups and rapidly growing companies.

ImmersivEdge delivers strategic clarity to business leaders, enabling them to make the best decisions regarding buying, selling, adopting, understanding and investing in immersive tools and technologies. Their clients get the best ROI using immersive technologies to better the lives of their stakeholders and the bottom lines of their enterprises.

IEA’s strategic services address management and C-suite challenges, plus fundraising, marketing, research, writing, and presentations.

ImmersivEdge Advisors cuts through the overhyped enthusiasm and misrepresentations of all things xR (the collective term for Virtual and Augmented Reality).  IEA offers executives support in key success factors.

The ImmersivEdge team possess a unique combination of talents and hands-on experience that is unmatched in the sector. Having spent years in every aspect of Virtual and Augmented Reality, they have seen the good, the bad, and yes, the truly ugly in xR. Awards and testimonials from around the world document their expertise. Their satisfied clients attest to their ability to understand, analyze, and assist in strategic and tactical business operations.

The Team 

ImmersivEdge Advisors is led by a core of respected industry veterans, including Founder and CEO, Ben Delaney, and Senior Associates Patti Glovsky, Clark Dodsworth and Linda Jacobson. They are backed up by a deep bench of international talent.

Ben Delaney is a well-known pioneer of no-hype reporting on VR, having published the industry’s leading newsletter, CyberEdge Journal through the 90’s. He’s since provided consulting services and market research for many Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms around the world. Ben is the author of Virtual Reality 1.0 – the 90’s, and has been a featured speaker in more than a dozen countries.

Patti Glovsky is a technology investment banker with deep experience in corporate finance investment banking. She was there at the early days of visual computing and virtual reality. Her clients have been important innovators in visual technologies, including simulation, synthetic environments, video games, VR/AR/xR, AI, Machine Learning, and more. Ms. Glovsky is the Managing Partner of Polygon Capital Advisors, LLC, a member of FINRA (SEC) and SIPC, and holds seven securities licenses with FINRA/SEC.

Clark Dodsworth has an international reputation as an expert in entertainment and immersive applications of xR. He consults on strategy and product definition for user-centered mobile software and services...and the converging trends of immersion. “Hyper-personalization yields maximum effectiveness,” he says, combining realtime AI, simulation, AR, Context, and Wearables. His book, Digital Illusion - Entertaining the Future with High Technology, (Addison-Wesley) is a respected resource in the xR entertainment space.

Linda Jacobson provides strategic go-to-market direction and business development support. She enables her clients to confirm product-market fit, attract media and influencer coverage, and fill their sales funnel. As the industry's first VR Evangelist at Silicon Graphics, she managed a professional services business unit and helped establish the global VR industry by introducing VR to hundreds of enterprises around the world. Linda helped create and launch Wired magazine, authored the books Garage Virtual Reality and CyberArts: Exploring Art & Technology. Linda has written many successful UI and ubiquitous-computing patent applications. From 2001 to 2006, she co-founded and ran an enterprise VR production studio. She is a Board member for the Virtual World Society.

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