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  •  06/17/2020 02:06 PM

Bose has shuttered their AR Division, releasing staff and cutting off developers. Their AR glasses, called Frames, are still available, but without AR capabilities.

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  •  03/31/2020 12:05 PM

Smartglasses replace smart phones and smart watches by 2030 on way to $34B revenue. Breakthrough report from ImmersivEdge Advisors describes the technologies and companies that will dominate the market, predicts when key capabilities will emerge, offers critical guidance for buyers, sellers and investors.

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  •  03/30/2020 08:45 PM

Plessey, an embedded technologies developer of microLED technology for augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) display applications, announces new venture with Facebook.

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  •  03/12/2020 02:11 PM

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been watching, that Magic Leap is reported to be considering a sale. Looking back we can now see that their aggressive pace of investment just didn’t match what the technology needed to do for its users.

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