Some unsolicited comments on our work.

 I recommend Ben Delaney as an executive, leader and business professional. Ben is one of the hardest working people I know and is committed to doing his very best at all times. He has a great deal of respect in the business community. Ben is highly organized and is very capable of business development, marketing, strategic planning and budgeting. I can’t recommend him too strongly. 

Joe McKinleyDirector of Operations, The Stride Center

 For 15 years Clark has advised SimEx ! Iwerks on dozens of product opportunities, technologies, and companies. His assessments have been characterized by strong research, balanced judgement and deep insight. Clark took the time to understand who we are, where we want to go, what we can do well, where our talents matched the opportunity (or not), and what could be the obstacles (particularly technical ones) in developing the market. Clark has advised us on four successful acquisitions and on several others we wisely decided to forego. His book on “Digital Illusion in Entertainment” remains a well-thumbed reference for our managers. 

Michael NeedhamChairman / CEO, SimEx ! Iwerks Entertainment

 As an avid watcher and participant in the real-time immersive 3D / Virtual Reality market, I've relied upon Ben's research and reports for almost a decade. Anyone seriously considering entering into or growing in this or a related market should seriously consider working with him. 

Mark FerneauConsulting Director at MarkLogic

 I worked with Linda on several projects. She is extremely goal oriented and her enthusiasm is endless. She is very much a people person and her marketing leadership at PARC demonstrated a fundamental understanding of business that still continues to foster positive growth. 

Robert TerryCTO / Founder, SmartCatch

 You may remember the Virtual Reality Applications Forums that I put together at Arthur D. Little. Your talk, which concentrated on Motorola's experience in pager assembly operations training, was one of the best of the entire series! 

Gordon RichardsonArthur D. Little

 Clark thrives in the nascent intersections between industries, where new products, markets and revenue streams are created. He knows the difference between a merely good solution and the right solution at the right time. He understands the power of visionary initiatives combining the impact of scenario-based planning, targeted venture investments, and strategic alliances. 

Eli ZelkhaCEO, Palo Alto Ventures

 Hi Ben! Well, the press release did it's job wonderfully! Total of 4747 Hits. That's our hit count yesterday. Thanks for the great work! 

Jeffrey DonovanFounder and Chief Technical Officer, InWorld VR, Inc.

 Linda is one of the most creative thinkers that I have ever dealt with. Her ability to take complex concepts and translate them into usable and applicable methodology was brilliant. She motivates markets to challenge the innovators until satisfied and then ultimately applies the final output to real world problems and applications. I hope to work with Linda again. 

Jim AngelilloVice President, Advanced Visualization Group (AVG)

 Your report helped us a lot. Our project is much closer to fruition. 

Chris Ward, PresidentLightspeed Design

 I want to thank you for the filming session. It really was the first time that I was comfortable in front of a camera. You knew your stuff and how to guide us, but let us be ourselves. Thanks for all your work. 

Karen DeVries

 I wanted to take the time to commend you on the fantastic article that you penned in the April/May issue (Vol 10 No.9) of Real Time Graphics. I thought it was well researched and well written. I also liked it because it related info to the readers about real time commercial uses of visualization. 

Jim Angelillo VP, Strategic RelationsFakespace Systems Inc.

 Thanks for another great article on visualization for the oil and gas industry. I read the article in IEEE CG&A, and was really impressed with how accessible you made it. I was especially surprised that you got the Immersive WorkBench name right. Doesn't CG&A have about a six month lead time? I've already alerted people at Fakespace that this is a "must-read!" 

Wendy LewisAcocunt Executive, FS Communications

 Linda is simply a great person to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, contagiously enthusiastic, and a great communicator who really understands people and gets them excited about their work. I've known her professionally since we were both active in the wave of virtual reality. At that time, she was one of the most widely recognized spokespersons for that industry, always generating enthusiasm and excitement among insiders and newcomers alike. She has a knack for explaining complex technical concepts in approachable terms, always with a positive human spin. 

Christian GreuelProducer, Interactive 3D

 Thanks for the perspective. Your drive and presence has been a stabilizing force for VR, and CyberEdge Journal provided the credibility. 

Richard Satava, MDUS Army (Ret)

 Ben is definitely a technology leader. He's been working in the Virtual Reality (VR) field when most of us were still trying to figure out what VR was. 

Nina AdamsCEO, Adams Consulting