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The ImmersivEdge leadership team, L-R: Ben Delaney, Patti Glovsky, Clark Dodsworth, Linda Jacobson, Brian BlauThe ImmersivEdge Mission
To help business leaders achieve clarity and make the best decisions regarding buying, selling, adopting, understanding and investing in immersive technologies.

Our Vision
That companies developing, investing in, and using immersive technologies get the best ROI, while using these technologies to better the lives of their stakeholders.

Who We Work With
We work with both producers of immersive technologies and the business consumers of those technologies.

  • For developers of hardware and software, we provide strategic and tactical assistance in management, marketing, messaging, and market research.
  • For organizations evaluating and implementing immersive technologies, we assist with vendor selection, task suitability analysis, ROI evaluation, assistance in choosing technologies, help in evaluating proposals, and project management.
How We Meet Your Needs
Amid overhyped enthusiasm and misrepresentations of all things xR, key success factors include understanding the marketplace, having a clear and cohesive business plan, and communicating clearly and accurately. We assist in all of these areas. We provide the same services as the big, expensive consulting firms, but with greater expertise and lower overhead.

What We Uniquely Offer You
Very few people or organizations possess the unique talents and broad, deep experience that the ImmersivEdge team has. Having spent years in every aspect of virtual and augmented reality, we have seen the good, the bad, and yes, the truly ugly in xR.

With extensive experience in business leadership, including bottom-line responsibility, we understand what it takes to start, grow, and maintain a successful enterprise. Our awards and testimonials from around the world document our expertise. Our satisfied clients attest to our ability to understand, analyze, and assist in strategic and tactical business operations. We know immersive technologies and we understand your business. ImmersivEdge Advisors helps you succeed in the complex and challenging environment of immersive technologies.

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